Appealing Against A Ban
Please note:
Double-check everything you enter here. If rejected, you cannot appeal a second time!
We only grant appeals where a genuine mistake was made on our part.
We do not give 'second chances' just because people ask.
If your ban was not a mistake, then you should not expect to be unbanned.
Real Name
Your real name, first then last.
Name of Banned Account
Enter the username of the account that was banned. This is the name you logged in with.
Your Email Address
We will send our reply to this address, so make sure it works!
What error do you get when you try to log in with the account?
it tells me to contact customer service, or gives me a number to call
it tells me I am banned
it rejects the password - I might have been hacked
The account I am filing this appeal for
belongs to me
belongs to my friend
belongs to someone else
Who got you banned?
I did, I must have said or done something to break the rules
Someone else did, using my account
I do not know
Why are you appealing this ban?
I got banned twice for the same incident
I got banned over a year ago, I have stayed off Meez since then, and I am a better person now
I got banned because someone else misused my account.
I want to find out more information about the ban
I want a second chance.
Enter any comments you have here. Please keep them short and to the point!

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